carving tools, man carved into stick, soap stone bird and close up of bark

The Carving course introduces students to carving in wood and soapstone.  Basic techniques will be covered as well as tools, supplies and safety concerns related to each medium.  Additionally, students will study traditional subject matter, current trends in carving and sculpture and historical aspects of the art form.

scissors, ruler and moccasins on top of strip of fur

This course involves designing, decorating and constructing Native Footwear.  The focus of the course will be on constructing moccasins and mukluks in the Northern Woodland Cree style.  Pattern design and fit will be studied as well as a comparison of construction methods, techniques and materials.  Students will use skills and projects completed in NATA 116Beadwork to complete the decoration of their project and NATA 112 – Basic Sewing in the construction of their projects. Additionally, students will study the history of this art form within the context of the styles of footwear covered in this course.

baskets, acorn hair clip, straw doll and basket

This course provides instruction in the collection, preparation and conservation of natural materials used to make nature crafts. Students construct projects using a variety of materials, including bark, branches and roots.