Hide with tools

This course focuses on the traditional methods used in preparing, tanning and smoking hides, as practiced by the Northern Woods Cree.  This is an introductory level course to the hide tanning process and includes an introduction to traditional living skills.  Students will actively participate in the process and study the 13 steps required for this method.  The course is offered in an intensive 3 week session in a traditionally designed setting.

Ball of green thread, sewn pouch on top of a blue cloth with red threaded trim

This course covers basic sewing techniques including measuring and pattern preparation.  Hand sewing techniques including the decorative techniques of applique work and embroidery will be studied as well as operation of sewing machines and machine embroidery techniques. These skills will be developed by working through a number of projects in which students are encouraged to research and develop their own designs.

This course involves development of beadwork skills and knowledge, with specific focus on North American Aboriginal beadwork styles & techniques.

This course is aimed at artists regarding effective strategies and helpful resources for marketing their crafts and/or artwork.